First Endurance has been an integral part of our training and racing since 2010.   

efs_proEFS Pro and Ultragen are our two most used products from First Endurance.  We use EFS Pro for both training and racing, during exercise as well as pre-hydration.  

ultragenUltragen is the perfect post workout drink mix.  A nice balance of carbohydrate and protein, and it actually tastes GREAT!  Seriously, this is by far the most drinkable protein drink we've ever tasted.  Our favorite flavors are Orange Creamsicle and Tropical Punch.  Also perfect addition to smoothies.

liquid_shotEFS Liquid Shot is another huge part of our training and racing.  Pure carbohydrate keeps the engine moving.  Think of it like a gel - but more liquid so it's easy to swallow.

multi_vA daily thing for us.  Well formulated with endurance athletes in mind.  They've removed Vitamin C from this multivatamin as it's been shown that antioxidant supplementation during exercise may hinder athletic performance and adaptation.

We've found the main benefit to using Optygen is to help us tolerate the really big training blocks.  It's not something we use every day, all year, but will take it for 3-4 months at a time during our peak training blocks.


First Endurance race fuelling strategies:

Here's Heather's Ironman and Ironman 70.3 race nutrition plans in video and text format: http://firstendurance.com/sports/triathlon/heather-wurtele/


Here's Trevor's Ironman and Ironman 70.3 race nutrition plans in video and text format: http://firstendurance.com/sports/triathlon/trevor-wurtele/ 

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