• Gaining Perspective

    I know that some of you have been pretty interested in race reports from both St. George, and Ironman Texas, but I have to say that writing them just didn’t appeal to me this time around. Who am I kidding? You all just wanted another funny video from Trevor! Don't deny it! Ha ha.  I like writing blogs to ruminate on the things I learn from the sport (and I do think that it’s more interesting and more valuable in the long term), so that’s what you’re going to get here.  There are also a lot of cool pictures, all thanks to a photo shoot with ENVE's Ian Matteson, so there’s that to pique your interest if nothing else!

  • Sad Triathlete Diary 3

    Heather's Diary of a Sad Triathlete continued.... These are funnier if you've seen a Sad Cat Diary which you can watch here.




    Dear Diary,


    The fates seem to have decided that while I do an eternity’s worth of 30 second hill repeats, a car is never allowed to drive past while I look awesome hauling ass up the hill, but only while I look like I’m going to have a heart attack, immediately upon recovery, while walking back down.


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