Oceanside 70.3 - Racing and Excuses

The 2015 edition of the California Ironman 70.3 in Oceanside went off this past Saturday. It was my second, second place finish in the two races I've done so far this year, and I was a bit pissed about it, frankly. I like winning. I train my guts out all year with that objective, and when I don't manage it, even if I've given my very best on the day, I get a bit grumpy.

The grumpiness factor was increased by the fact that I caught a cold race-week, and was pissed that being sick prevented me from being my best. BUT, and here is where the title comes in, I did not mention that fact before or after the race (until now) because it's all part of the game. Winning depends on doing all the right things on the day, but also on getting to the start line healthy. The latter part I didn't manage. I only mention it now, because the topic of "excuses" is something I've been wanting to write about for awhile now. No doubt being sick affected my performance, but to claim that the results would have been different is not possible, nor fair. Worse, it disrespects my competitors.  

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Challenge Dubai - Heather's Race Report

I'm not sure why it took so long to post a blog about our most excellent race experience at Challenge Dubai. What am I talking about? I know exactly why. I was LAAAZY! I definitely go through stages when I only seem to have the energy to train hard, respond to important e-mails, maybe construct a tweet now and then but definitely not to write coherent sentences or go through the tedious process of organizing and uploading photos to Joomla.

Anyway, here it is. Finally! I've debated catering to the lowest of attention spans with bullet points and photos, but there is just something in me that likes complete sentences. If reading just isn't your thing, there are still lots of photos.    

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No distractions

Trevor here.  My dad sent me this newsletter from the Alpine Assist program and I wanted to share the first few paragraphs. 

I think the reason why some people fail to reach full potential, at whatever task or sport they set for themselves, is that they simply get distracted and forget that all the little outside influences can add up and undermine what they truely want.  For some people this 'focus on the task at hand' comes fairly naturally.  For Heather and I we read this and feel it's kinda obvious, though reminders that 'everything affects everything' are always helpful.

An observation about many elite athletes is their single minded approach to their sport/craft. Their commitment may seem more like an obsession to the rest of us. They look to have very clear decision filters in place. Everything that they are presented with is ruthlessly evaluated against the binary option of will this make me better at my sport or not. If the answer is yes, they dive into the task. If the answer is no, they are comfortable avoiding this option. Rightly or wrongly, it appears they live in a clean, clear world of black and white. They aren’t tortured by grey decisions. They aren’t torn by competing choices. Their world isn’t murky at all.

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Sad Triathlete Diary 3

Heather's Diary of a Sad Triathlete continued.... These are funnier if you've seen a Sad Cat Diary which you can watch here.




Dear Diary,


The fates seem to have decided that while I do an eternity’s worth of 30 second hill repeats, a car is never allowed to drive past while I look awesome hauling ass up the hill, but only while I look like I’m going to have a heart attack, immediately upon recovery, while walking back down.


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2015 Races and Updates

Food and First Endurance = Anger ManagementTrevor here.  That's right, I'm writing a blog instead of putting together some silly race report video.  Those videos will show up again, but I think I've played out the Will Farrel angle. 

Seriously, why am I writing a blog?  I don't know.  We made up a new website , it's a new year, there's a lot to cover, these are all great reasons to write a blog.

On the training end of things nothing has changed.  We continue to hammer ourselves in what we like to call a 330 day training camp.  Said training camp changes location throughout, but it really never lets up.  Some of the time is spent with The Triathlon Squad; a group coached by Paulo Sousa.  Since we first joined the Paulo Sousa bandwagon in 2011 we've improved immensely and have seen this great group of athletes change every year. 

Of the original group of 15 or so back in 2011, only Heather, myself, Jen Speildenner and Joe Maloy (your current US Olympic distance champion) have stayed on.  It's comical how much the 4 of us have changed as athletes in the past 4+ years.  Looking back at my 2010 self I generally shake my head and laugh. 

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Ten Terrific Things Thursday - TTTT #20

I have a love-hate relationship with social media. It's a great way to connect with people, but conversely can leave you feeling completely disconnected from actual people. You can access information that you'd never think of searching for, yet somehow have a news feed completely full of stupid videos with arrows pointing to the thing you're supposed to look for because apparently we're too stupid or distracted to actually pay attention to anything. 

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