Trevor's Panama 70.3 Race Report

Trevor here. First things first - obviously super proud of Heather for taking the win at the Latin American 70.3 Champs in Panama. Pretty sweet to start the year off with a win like that. You can find her race report here.

It did feel a little strange to be racing in February, especially coming from snow in Canada. Regardless of that, we both knew our winter training had been pretty stellar. A great month in San Diego with our squad, topped off with another 5 weeks in Canada. You can train well in Canada in the winter if you want to. Swim/bike/run is entirely possible and we did it well.  Then again, 5 weeks is decidedly different than 5 months!  We're heading to St. George, Utah for a bit now!


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Cervelo P5 TT bike set up

There's really nothing quite like a beautiful bike.  I (Trevor here) have been on a long list of bikes over the years (Pinarrello, Trek OCLV, some red bike, Bianchi, Guerciotti, Zeus, Argon 18, Blue) but this Cervelo P5 takes the cake of awesomeness.  That's right, there is a cake of awesomeness.

A lot of great blogs cover this bike extensively, so we didn't think it would be worth much to just post a bunch of our pictures, especially since they aren't nearly as good as ones from some of the professional bike pornographers, er, I mean photographers, out there.  What we do want to show are the little things that we find pretty flipping cool on our individual bikes, plus a few modifications to certain mounts we've made.  However, we're not going to reveal all this wonderful stuff to you in one simple blog post.  No, no, you'll have to come back over and over again to take it all in! Tricky huh?

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Ten Terrific Things Thursday - TTTT #17

Well it's Thursday once again, and I am about as brain-dead from hard training as I get. I always used to think that the "dumb jock" thing was an unreasonable stereotype, but no. Me is dum after hard trainings.


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Rectum? Damn near killed 'em!

That title is a bit of an inside joke from back when I (Trevor) used to work for an online Day Trading company.  If you thought I was an idiot for spelling it like an ass, it's a take from "Yes, I just wrecked them", or "They just wrecked me".  Refering to market makers that take all your money, or vice versa.  But when there's 15 or so early twenty year-olds in the same room screaming at computers the comedy knows no bounds.  For some reason that particular joke has stayed in my head.

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TTTT #16 (reposted from old blog)

Another week has gone by at our training camp in San Diego, and it has been a good one. Each day goes something like this:

Sleep, eat quietly, train, words from coach, eat with more conversation, joke around on the way to session #2, train, joke around less because some of us are “hangry”, the kitchen dance with 5 calorie-deprived people trying to make something to eat, chill, visit, critique each other’s swim videos, nap, drag our asses to session #3, train, roll out our legs, eat, sit around the living room, all trying to do stuff on 5 separate computers, annoyed the router cuts out every 5 min, sleep.

squad at pool

The Squad at the lovely Poway Community Pool

This may sound like the life, but the days are full, we’re working hard, and I am ready to hit the sack at 8 pm. For which I get teased, but it’s all about performance boys!! Anyhoo, roomates are definitely good for new TTTT material, even if our schedule is bad for remembering which day of the week it is. So without further ado, here are this weeks Ten Terrific Things:

1) Hill repeats at lake Poway. This workout has been a staple of our Sand Diego Camp: 15 min WU, 5-7 x steep hill repeats on 2 min, 15 min hard run – keeping hill sprint form, 5-7 x steep hill repeats on 2 min, 15 min run. It’s a great session, we have a perfect hill at the lake, and dog walkers to either cheer or get annoyed at us for being all scary and running fast.

jesus light

Ahhhhh (opera voice) – nice light on the way to heaven a.k.a hill repeats


You can see the trail in line with the right buoy, but it continues further up – that’s the repeat section.

lake poway 2

View from the bench where the repeats end


Plenty of trail options

2) David McColm. I was going to write David McColm Photography (, but in addition to being an incredibly talented photographer, he is pretty terrific in his own right. We were lucky enough to hang out with this Whistler-based wonder at Volcanoes National Park, and our new webpage (to be revealed soon!) features some of the amazing shots he took. Here is the man himself, and a few of his photos…





3) Business Time. Most people seem to have seen this video, but it’s worth watching again. Two minutes in heaven is better than one minute in heaven… We’ve also been enjoying random singing of “Team Building Exercise Night Tonight!!” on van trips to training venues.

4) This Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) image of a the larva of a bluebottle fly (Protophormia sp.), also known as a maggot. Clearly the creators of Star Wars has access to scanning electron microscopes, because the Sand People look a lot like this. :) Anyway, maggots, though totally gross are kinda cool. As you can see, they have tiny teeth like fangs extending from their mouths and sterilized versions of these bad boys are used to clean wounds. They feed on the dead tissue, leaving healthy living tissue untouched, and their saliva contain anti-bacterial chemicals. Yes a maggot science primer, just what you always wanted!

Maggot magnified

Maggot – very magnified

sand people

Sand Person. Cross with Jabba the Hutt and bingo!!

5) Skiing. I love skiing (telemark is my thing, though I’ve downhill skied since I was 5) and it is one thing that I really miss as a triathlete. I know that they are not mutually exclusive, but I’d hate to have a season ruined by some stupid injury from a ski crash (because, of course, it’s no fun to just do weeny blue runs!). Anyway, this video satisfies my ski-lust, and the picture below it makes me laugh because I was always worried about that as a kid. My worst t-bar experience was when I was spring skiing in Fernie BC, and I just had farmer john snow-pants on over a turtleneck. I was goofing around, got the bar hooked on my snow-pant strap and got dragged up the hill on my face.

t bar

6) Earth as art. It’s definitely worth checking out this PDF, and the interesting descriptions of the amazing formations seen from NASA satellites: ( Here are some examples:


Carnegie Lake – Australia


Von Karman vortices – South Pacific Ocean


Grand Bahama Bank – Atlantic Ocean

7) Gravity light. Uses the energy generated by resisting the fall of a heavy bag to generate light. This is a very cool idea as a way to replace kerosene lamps in much of the developing world. Check out the website here:

gravity light

8) This “cat friend vs. dog friend video”. Captures the pretty steriotypical versions of both (especially the aloof, mean-ish cat) but I got a good laugh out of it!

9) My Click Elite shoulder bag. I love this bag (see above photo with David). It is perfect for day-tripping, travelling, or just wearing around like a purse (but purse is a horrible word, so it’s awesome that it’s a BAG). Lots of good pockets, a padded zippered area for camera gear or a small lap top. Check the website out here:



10) My Triathlon Squad mates and coach Paulo. Great to have a solid group of people to train, obsess over swim technique, and occasionally go out to dinner with. Camp 1 of 2013 has been terrific. One more week to go…

triathlon squad

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Anxiety Dreams

The human condition is interesting. Someone I know likes to say sarcastically "oh yes, we are all unique little snowflakes" while emphasizing the ways in which we all respond similarly to, say, training stimuli.  I often feel more different from many of the women I encounter, than I do the similar to them, but one thing we can all relate to is the fun of anxiety dreams! 

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Thanks Slowtwitch for the video chat

Thanks for the quick video chat.  You caught us in the morning, we still look a bit sleepy! Especially Heather.  :)

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