Empower Yourself with Bike Tools! Episode #1

Welcome to my new video blog series! I'm giving tips on basic bike maintenance in the hopes that more triathletes - especially women - will embrace the mechanical side of their sport! 

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Panama 70.3 - VIDEO

I knew that there were camera guys around all day for a reason! Here is a nice 3 part video of the Latin American Pro Championship race in Panama:


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Heather's Abu Dhabi International Triathlon Race Report

In addition to a movie marathon (I watched  Lincoln, Life of Pi, The Silverlinings Playlist, and Wreck it Ralph)  I had plenty of time on the long flight back from Abu Dhabi to visit my kindle library. I found this excerpt that I highlighted from Tan Twan Eng’s novel “The gift of rain”:  Accept that there are things in this world we can never explain and life will be understandable. That is the irony of life. It is also the beauty of it.


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Abu Dhabi Triathlon Post Race Video Interview

Just a quick little video from Triathlon Magazine Canada, interviewing Heather about her day in Abu Dhabi. 


Heather rocking her new kit pre race Abu Dhabi Triathlon

2013 Heather Wurtele Cervelo P5 Abu Dhabi TriathlonTrevor here - if there happens to be some good video feed and you're up late enough to watch it in North America, Heather will be rocking this sweet new green and orange kit from Saucony at the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon on Saturday.  Friday night in North America.  6:40pm PST race start.  3km swim, 200km bike, 20km run.  Rip it up!!


2013 Heather Wurtele Interview Abu Dhabi Triathlon

Ten Terrific Things Thursday - TTTT #18

Well, it's Thursday once again. Last Thursday happened to be Valentines day and Trevor and I were totally oblivious as usual. Oh right, I guess there was a fair bit of pink and red at the grocery store lately... hmm.  We thought about going out for dinner, but since it was Valentines day lots of people would have done that, and then we'd have to wait longer for food, which is not really how we like to celebrate.  So, we'll keep special dinners on our usual schedule - the day after a good race - and I'll keep my TTTT the same as usual too, with only a corny mitten pun as my nod to February 14th.

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Heather's Panama 70.3 Race Report

You know that feeling of complete sensory shock that happens when you are 100% expecting one thing and experience another? E.x. you finish your pop (aka soda), fill the can with water, forget, take a sip of what you expect to be pop, and are totally surprised “ugh what is this!”, or you take a scoop of what you think to be ice cream from a buffet and find out that it’s actually a ball of whipped butter  - horrifying!  Well that’s what it was like jumping into the water for the start of the Panama 70.3 – South American Championships,  this past Sunday.

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