Ironman World Championships 2013 - some pre race stuff

Trev here.  Just posting a nice little collection of pre race media stuff.  Nice to have some of it in one place for the future, ya know!


Breakfast with Bob and Paul.  Awesome interview with Heather.

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Sad Triathlete Diary

If you haven't watched the Sad Cat Diary youtube video you've been missing out. In honour, I've been composing my own Sad Triathlete diary entries. Though they are sad imitations of the original, I hope they provide a small measure of enjoyment, and I get to feel a fleeting sense of self worth... 


Dear Diary,
I made a smoothie for after my workout, but I returned home to find the glass only half full. It is clear that I will soon starve to death. I tried to draw attention to my predicament, but it is clear that the authorities are either deaf, or just cruel. This may be my last entry.

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Trevor's Ironman Canada win in photos

I know there was some pretty high demand for another random race report video.  Honestly though, I just can't come up with anything funny that would make the video worth watching.  So, here's a nice photo gallery instead!  See below (hit READ MORE if you came to the main page).

Thanks to David Mccolm and Nils Nilsen for bringing their amazing abilities to Ironman Canada this year.  They have some great photos of the race and amazing scenary posted on their respective websites.  I also scooped a couple cool photos from Noa Deutsch.  Thanks Noa!

David McColm
Nils Nilsen
Nils IMC gallery on

Also a big thank you to my great sponsors.  We go fast with your help.  Thank you!

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Trev's Ironman Canada Awards Speech

Here's my awards speech from Ironman Canada last weekend.  My first Ironman victory.  Yaay.

There are so many people to thank, but of the people I left out of this quick speech, the most important is my coach Paulo.  3 years ago he came and told us we needed to go train with him and his Triathlon Squad.  Thankfully we did, he truly showed us how to become professional athletes. 


Thanks Paulo!



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Trev's Ironman 70.3 Calgary Video Race Report

Ironman Coeur d'Alene - Heather's Race Report

Winning an Ironman is a spectacular experience, but this past Sunday's win at Ironman Coeur d'Alene  - my very first Ironman as an age-grouper in 2006, my first pro win in 2008, and the scene of the most heartbreaking day in my athletic career (last year) - may just take the cake!


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The win at Rev3 Quassy - Heather's Race Report

So the 2013 edition of  Rev3 Quassy is in the books and it was another phenomenal race!

Rather than the boring old play-by-play this race report is going to be a little session of fact vs. fiction. I did the same thing last year but I figure I'm allowed to recycle my creative ideas once per year :)

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