Team Wurtele T-Shirts! Be really really good looking & support a good cause

The super cool site Athlete Originals now carries Team Wurtele t-shirts! There are 3 designs to choose from, in a whole array of styles. They are perfect if you love triathlon, running, want to cheer on any Canadian athlete (like our team in Sochi!), or just happen to be fans of Team Wurtele. If being really really incredibly good looking is not enough for you, there is another reason you should buy them: 100% of profits are going to support the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign! 


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Outdoor Journal Article

Just wanted to post a nice article published in The Outdoor Journal.  If you click on any of these photos it will open the entire article in PDF format.


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Three more years with First Endurance!

It’s funny to me how people think that since you’re a professional athlete, this means that you’ve always had it all figured out.  You’ve trained properly since you were a fetus, and always known how to best fuel in races. To that I simply have to say:  ha ha ha ha ha ha...  cough cough, sorry I was laughing too hard.

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Sad Triathlete Diary 2

Heather's Diary of a Sad Triathlete continued... These are funnier if you're familiar with the Sad Cat Diary which you can watch here.


Dear Diary,

Yet again, the authorities have failed to enforce the fast/ slow lane signs on the pool deck, and the lady doing breaststroke with pool shoes has jumped in the fast lane during hard 400s. Her lack of speed and situational awareness has me terribly vexed. I will continue to imagine her watery demise in an attempt to release my mind from this torment.

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Ironman Arizona Video Race Report

This is the 5th race report video I've (we've) made.  Usually by the time I'm done making these I've watched it so many times I start to get pretty sick of it and contemplate not posting it all.  But, then Heather convinces me that it's still funny and worthwhile.  


Anyway, here's the latest from Ironman Arizona.  Below that are my two favorites - Calgary and New Orleans.



New Orleans from April this year:

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Ten Terrific Things Thursday - TTTT #19

It has been a really long time since I've managed to compose, what used to be my weekly, ten terrific things. Not that there has been a lack of terrificness in my life or anything. In fact, it's pretty terrific that people liked these posts enough to bug me about the lack of them.

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Failing is okay - Heather's thoughts on Kona 2013

Trevor and I are fans of keeping things short and funny, but sometimes – like for instance when you have the best race season of your life, followed by a DNF at the World Championships – a bit more serious of a blog entry seems appropriate.

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