St. George 70.3 marks the 4th race of the year already.  3 of those coming in the last 5 weeks.  We put together another quick race report video. This one isn't as popular as the other two.  For one it's probably not as funny, but it's also the 3rd time it's been done.  Check it out below if you haven't seen it yet.


2013 Trevor_Wurtele_bike_ironman_st_george_cerveloA few more details that I wasn't able to cover in 80 seconds here:

All said I felt I raced pretty well.  This was the first race of the year where my run kinda let me down a bit though.  It could be a function of the hilly course which doesn't really suit me all that well, but probably more so I was just a slight loss of fitness from racing too much and not training enough in the last 5 or 6 weeks.  When you taper for 3 races and recover from two of them, that really only leaves about 10 days of 'proper' training.  More so to hang on to some fitness as opposed to build on what I had.



Really though, I still raced quite well.  A decent swim...not amazing, but enough to put me in a position to get on the bike with Jordan Rapp and Sebastian Kienle.  Sebastian took off after about 10 minutes, but having Jordan around was great.  He was definitely not himself on the day, having come off a great Ironman in Australia a little over a month ago, but he was still riding strong for the first hour.  I ended up putting my own hammer down about 60 minutes into the ride and moved my way up through the field a bit.  A solid ride at 309 watts normalized for the 2:11 it took to finish the hilly bike.  Unfortunatly the weather was TOO cooperative today. It was the calmest day I've ever seen in St. George.  A little head wind would have made the ride much more interesting and probably broken up that front pack a bit.  


2013 Trevor_Wurtele_bike_ironman_st_george_side_dixieOn to the run I put the hammer down right away, but paced the early hill up Red Cliffs a bit easier so as not to blow at the top.  I underestimated how hard it would be to catch people on the downhills of this course.  I figured the last 4 miles would be where I would pick off numerous people.  However, everyone seemed to be running the same speed...with the exception of the the speedy ITU guys who just let it rip on the downhills, my legs just won't go that fast.  I still made up a few spots on the run, but another 30 seconds in the first 9 miles would have had me running for 6th place instead of trying to hang on for 9th (I ended up 10th).  I feel I could have found that 30 seconds in those first miles, but was expecting the last 4 to be killer so didn't dig quite as deep as I should have.  Alas, the last 4 miles were indeed killer...but they killed me, not the others.  


Anyway, a good couple weeks of racing with the 2nd place in New Orleans and St. George's 10th.  Time to get back on the training and win some of these things!!  Boise and Mt. Tremblant are coming up soon.


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