For those that are interested, here's a quick peek at my power data from New Orleans 70.3 last weekend.  I had my best ever ride time in a half Ironman - 2 hrs 3 min and change.  Even so, it was not my best ever avg power over that distance.  There were sections, however, that I did indeed ride too hard trying to reel in the leader.  I figured that was my best shot at the win, so went for it.  Didn't quite work out, with my worst run in years, but did manage to hang on for 3rd.

315-320 watts (with a Power Tap Hub, which can read a bit lower than some crank based power systems) is not super crazy, but I think paying attention to being very aero on a crosswind heavy day, and of course having some kick ass equipment helped me come into T2 with a share of lead.  


Thanks so much to Cervelo and ENVE for the speed, Cobb Saddles for keeping me comfy in the aero position, and of course First Endurance for giving me the energy required to keep the power on.


NOLA power wurtele 3


On to the files... You can see I didn't start very well.  In fact I was hurting pretty badly coming out of T1.  It was a long swim/bike transition and I was really redlined getting on the bike.  It took me a bit to settle down.  

Then a spike at around 15 miles - I would bet that's probably where I rode by Ben Hoffman and Mark Bowstead.  This was kinda the deciding point of either 'go it alone, or see if a group would work well together'.  Maybe I should have stuck around with Ben, but I was feeling good at that point so just kept it going hard.

At around mile 45 you can see the one tail wind section.  Finally a bit of a break from the aero bars.

I finally caught Andy Potts at mile 50 of the bike.  From there it was just a matter of trying to get myself ready to run while keeping a bit of pressure on.

If you want a closer look at the ride you can check the Strava link here: The distance and time on that file read a bit short.


NOLA power wurtele 2

NOLA power wurtele 1

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