First 1000 people who use this promotional code 18483186 get a 50% discount on the annual plan.  Total monthly cost - approximately $21!!!

A brand new, intelligent and highly personalized, online endurance training system called Kicker was just launched last week. I am SUPER excited to be part of the professional athlete team that creates daily workout specific video content as well as training tips on far ranging topics like: the mental aspects of competing, body image, how to plan big training weeks, and what to do when your motivation lags. 

 This program was the brain-child of Simon Whitfield, Robert Urbanowski and Kevin Cutjar who have created an amazing team of web developers, top business/marketing professionals, coaches, and professional athletes. Among the latter are, myself, Jeff Symonds, Jordan Rapp and of course Simon Whitfield, providing you with an amazing range of multisport knowledge, from Olympic gold medalists to multiple Ironman Champions. 

Kicker perfectly addresses the gap in triathlon coaching that currently exists. There are excellent, but often very expensive, personal coaches, and there are plenty of cookie cutter, cut and paste type online programs that don't allow you to incorporate a wide rage of races, your strengths and weaknesses in different sports, nor your key goals for the season.  

Kicker starts with a detailed questionaire, and gives you a specific, personal training plan based on all of the honest answers you provide about your skill levels, and the events that you input. This plan then comes with daily videos to help you along.

To top it off Kicker is super duper reasonably priced. You can get all of this for less than $50/month. If you use my promotional code 18483186 it will only cost you $21 per month if you sign up for the annual plan (this deal is only available for the first 1000 people that sign up). Most online programs, with less personalization are well over $100/month.

In short, Kicker is totally freaking awesome!! I really really really wish something like Kicker existed when I was first starting to get serious about triathlon.  I cringe to think of how many mistakes I could have avoided! Video from pro athletes!? A plan that actually takes into account my lack of swimming background!? It can plan around that Grand Fondo, 10k running race, and then Ironman that I plan to do? Are you kidding me!? So awesome!

If you are serious about improving as a triathlete, runner, cyclist... I urge you to go check out Kicker! You can start with a free trial to see what's it's all about, and then sign up here with the code above. 

Please feel free to share feeback and suggestions. We all want to make it the best online endurance training program out there!


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