I have a love-hate relationship with social media. It's a great way to connect with people, but conversely can leave you feeling completely disconnected from actual people. You can access information that you'd never think of searching for, yet somehow have a news feed completely full of stupid videos with arrows pointing to the thing you're supposed to look for because apparently we're too stupid or distracted to actually pay attention to anything. 

My annoyance with lists like "the 10 most epic things that people who excel at not thinking negatively do" may be why I stopped my Ten Terrific Things Thursday posts. Mostly though, I just got lazy with a hard season of training. I started them as a joke about #ff follow Friday on Twitter, but then actually found that people seemed to like them, and I had some things worth sharing. So here I am with TTTT #20. It's more funny and positive than this intro, I promise! Along the social media theme I'll start off with:

 1) An excellent (some might say cyoooot) satire "Social Bankruptcy" c/o the Portlandia crew:
















2) Smith Optics Strong Women Campaign. During the month of October, SMITH will donate $1 for every sunglass sold on smithoptics.com to First Descents, a non-profit offering young adult cancer fighters and survivors outdoor adventure experiences, empowering them to reclaim their lives. If you want some awesome new Smith sunnies, now is the time!
You can check out more about it here:  http://news.smithoptics.com/post/98890501882/strong-beautiful-unstoppable-celebrating-the-women

Smith women














3) These pumpkin carving geniuses! These are some seriously impressive gourd transformations.

You can see more here: 










4) The Bones Brigade documentary. Such a good film!! I love sports documentaries, and Stacey Peralta (a famous skateboarder himself) has made some of my favourites like Riding Giants and Dog Town and Z-Boys. It is definitely worth your time even if you don't particularly like skateboarding. If you already admired Rodney Mullen for his skateboarding talent, you will love him even more for his thoughtfulness, and the insightful (and quirky) things he says in this film. He has also done a TED talk so google away!




5) Trembling aspen. Populus tremuloides is my favourite deciduous tree species (yes, I have categories of favourite trees). This is mostly becausethey were always found in the best outdoor places growing up, but in my in my pre-triathlon life I was a plant physiologist/molecular geneticist and trembling aspen has some pretty amazing clonal characteristics. Namely, a single stand of thousands of trees can be a single organism sharing a root system and a unique set of genes.  An aspen stand named Pando (Latin for "I spread"), growing just outside of the Wasach Mountains in Utah, is the largest organism in the world. You can read more here: http://discovermagazine.com/1993/oct/thetremblinggian285#.UQAgIOimChk

Pando trembling aspen


Trembling aspen fall road 

6) Good books! I love reading and I find that immersing myself in a good book is my favourite cure for the short-attention span, instant-gratification, social-media blues. I usually work through the short list for the Mann Booker prize every year, and I always find some real gems. I am reading "Alias Grace" by Margaret Atwood at the moment, as well as "The Powers that Be" - a book by David Halberstam, published in 1979, about the history of American Media. Here are some more that I recommend:







7) Since it is Halloween tomorrow, I have to include these pictures from way back when we lived in James Bay. Rico and Bunny. Mascara makes good chest hair, FYI, and men actually hit on Trevor that evening, though he was a "bit muscular" for one guy's taste. 

halloween handT


halloween heather 

halloween trevor

8) Famous paintings improved by cat. Not sure how the idea of inserting a fat orange cat into classic art came about, but, clearly, it is an excellent idea! 

famous paintings cats 6


famous paintings cats 5

famous paintings cats 4

9) OK Go Music videos. I guess music videos aren't really a thing any more (they're so over), not like the days when I used to come home from school and tune into Much Music (MTV Canada-style), but Ok Go does a fabulous job with their non CG visual effects. Can you be a fan of a band only because of the visual gimmickry in their videos? Why yes, I believe you canThis is my favourite one:

10) Grammar comics c/o The Oatmeal. Good explanations of common grammatical mishaps, such as: "How and why to use whom in a sentence." Learn something and laugh at the same time! 

Full comic here:  http://theoatmeal.com/comics/who_vs_whom

Oatmeal grammar





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