Food and First Endurance = Anger ManagementTrevor here.  That's right, I'm writing a blog instead of putting together some silly race report video.  Those videos will show up again, but I think I've played out the Will Farrel angle. 

Seriously, why am I writing a blog?  I don't know.  We made up a new website , it's a new year, there's a lot to cover, these are all great reasons to write a blog.

On the training end of things nothing has changed.  We continue to hammer ourselves in what we like to call a 330 day training camp.  Said training camp changes location throughout, but it really never lets up.  Some of the time is spent with The Triathlon Squad; a group coached by Paulo Sousa.  Since we first joined the Paulo Sousa bandwagon in 2011 we've improved immensely and have seen this great group of athletes change every year. 

Of the original group of 15 or so back in 2011, only Heather, myself, Jen Speildenner and Joe Maloy (your current US Olympic distance champion) have stayed on.  It's comical how much the 4 of us have changed as athletes in the past 4+ years.  Looking back at my 2010 self I generally shake my head and laugh. 

Nowadays Heather and I train more often on our own, while the squad's home base in San Diego continues to rock some serious talent on a full time basis.  We're privileged to train with the following athletes for a couple months of the year:  Joe Malloy, Greg Billington, Eric Lagerstrom, Jason Pedersen, Jennifer Spieldenner, Chris Ganter, along with recent aditions Magali Tysere, Summer Cook, and NAU trackie Matt Mcelroy. 

We spent this past December training with that group, and we'll be back again in early February.  For now we're back in Canada getting our required 7 week stint of Canadian winter and citizenship renewal sorted.  In order to renew ones Canadian citizenship, do as we do: watch a live hockey game, drink a few good beers, watch a hockey game on TV, get your car stuck in snow, help push other people's cars stuck in the snow, regain a Canadian accent (we're all too f'kin nice, eh), walk through a snow storm to the pool, watch your skin colour go white, eat at Timmy Ho's, wear a toque, and go for a rip with your buds.  And oh yes, put in a crap ton of time on the trainers, treadmills, and in the pool.  Though visually unstimulating, indoor training is incredibly efficient and physically taxing.  2400kjs of riding in 2 hours 30 minutes, BAM!  Not something that's easily attainable out on the open road, unless it's a race.

One of the driving forces behind my day to day training is my desire to improve over last year.  Every year we take stock of what worked and what didn't so that we can make small tweaks to the training.  Since December 2010 there hasn't been any real changes to the routine.  Train a lot. Train hard.  Hurt. No matter what though, any gains we find the following year are always small.  Very rarely can an athlete make a leaps and bounds improvement from one year to the next.  One of my favorite quotes from a triathlete is Mark Allen talking about what he needed to do to get to the level of fitness he wanted.  It was something along the lines of: I know what I need to do, but I also know what I need to do.  Meaning it can be incredibly empowering to know what you have to do in training, but it can also be incredibly daunting to know what your body will have to do in order to get there.  This stuff is freaking hard!


One of the main changes for 2015 will be our race schedule.  It's very tempting to hit up the same races we've been doing for a couple years now, especially since Heather went on a tear and won 4 big ones last year (70.3 Monterrey, 70.3 Oceanside, IM Coeur d'Alene, 70.3 Eagleman), as well as a 3rd at 70.3 world champs.  On paper it just makes sense, both financially and victory potential, to go back and line up those races again.  But alas, overseas we go, and it's got us excited for new opportunities.  Our first race on the calendar will be Challenge Dubai at the end of February, this is the 1st race of the Triple crown series which consists of Challenge Oman in August and then Challenge Bahrain in December.  From Dubai we'll come back to some familiar territory at 70.3 Oceanside and 70.3 St. George.  I will probably go and do 70.3 New Orleans as well.  Heather's main goal for the year is to knock off a great race in Kona so she'll be lining up at Ironman Texas in May to get qualification sorted, this should also give her some time to take a break through June and build back into the late season races.  I'm not committed to Kona, but may go if things are going well and qualification comes my way through my one Ironman race at Ironman Coeur d'Alene (plus the points from 3rd at Chattanooga 2014).  Honestly though, there's some great half distance races on the docket for late season so I will more than likely just put my energy into those.

Now that you've read a full paragraph on our early season race plans, it seems like a great time to tell you that you can also see our upcoming races on the bottom of every page of this website!

Not much has changed on the sponsor front.  We've managed to build a great group of sponsors and supporters over the past 4 years and are stoked to once again be working with Saucony, Cervélo, First Endurance, ENVE, Smith Optics, Manitoba Harvest, Aqua Sphere, Power Tap, Normatec and Cobb Cycling.



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One new addition we're extremely excited to be part of is The Island House out of Nassau, Bahamas.  There'll be a much bigger hoopla about this coming soon, but for now, keep that name in mind and start thinking about vacations in The Bahamas.


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